New Project

Use Flow to submit new design or products for approval. After sending a new project,
you can check the current status and receive detailed feedback on the Internet.

Create a new project

  1. Login Flow, and click NEW button. Click Product Approval below NEW button.
    Template patterns appear in Main Area right side.
  2. Click the name of the relevant template for your project.
    *The names of the templates may diff er regarding the contracts.
  3. Fill in the information for the new project.

    Explanation of each item (Items with ★ are required)
    Reference Number ★ Write the Reference Number
    Product Name ★ Write the name of the product
    Product Name( English / Japanese) Please do not write anything here
    Comments Write notes and messages here, if needed.
    (Comments will be saved as historical data)
    Product Number Write the reference number of the product
    Product Category ★ Select the category of the product
    Material ★ Select the material of the product
    Size Write the size of the product
    (ex. W300 x H230 x D50mm / GIRLS 130-165cm / M size)
    Art Application Select the print method used for this product
    Production Date ★ Write the release date of the product
    Currency ★ Select the currency unit of the retail price
    Retail Price ★ Write the selling price of the product
    Retail Exclusive Select YES if the product will be sold only in exclusive stores
    Retail Exclusive Store Write the name of the Exclusive stores
    Retail Exclusive Store(English) Please do not write anything here
    Source Art Number Write the Source Art Number of the product
  4. When all the required items are filled, click the Submit button to send your project.
    Click Save button when you want to suspend the submission and save as a draft.

How to attach files (Pictures, PDF, ai etc.)

Read the following instructions in order to attach files when you submit a product / design.

  1. Click Attachment tab on the top of the new project menu (Figure 1- ① )

  2. Click Add button on the menu (Figure 1- ② )
  3. Click Browse button on the pop-up window and choose the files to upload (Figure 2- ③ )

    【specification of the upload files】
    Gaspard et Lisa : JPEG picture file (MAX 3MB)
    MOFY : JPEG or PDF file
    ("Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities" options required)

  4. Click Set button to start uploading (Figure 2- ④ )
  5. Click Main Document tab to go back (Figure 1- ⑤ )

    ※ Thumbnail display button becomes available after files are uploaded